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True &lt;3

True <3

I used to love this song&#8230;. but now I cant listen to it without crying &lt;/3

I used to love this song…. but now I cant listen to it without crying </3

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Good Morning <3

~Out the door <3

Just did the Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge… Good God!

And now, Like the stupid teenager I am, Im going to do the What Makes You Bootyfull one two :) 

Pretty much :)

Pretty much :)

In school

This is no joke Mrs.Hawkins Pre-algebra :)

A Thousand Years (One Direction Fanfic :))) )

Strange, Vivid dreams. A unknown boy, and me. Always together, laughing, being together all the time. Falling in love… In the middle of London. Gorgeous runway dresses covering my tan body. Holding his hand, laughing. Having so much fun… It makes me feel depressed when I wake up.. Realising.. Im dreaming about this. Im a teen model.. yet, I’ve never had a boyfriend..
This dream has reoccured since I was very small.. I just want to know what it is..

"Mia, are you okay?" My younger 6 year old brother Kasey was snapping his tiny little fingers infront of my face. Bringing me back to reality.

"I’m fine, Kasey. Just a small daydream," I looked into the hazel eyes identicle to mine. The long brown eyelashes crashed together and popped back up looking up at me. We were riding on the long 3 hour trip from Manchester to London. It was almost the end of my christmas break from 11th grade, and my mom insisted we were going to London this christmas. I had about 2 weeks untill we had to be back.

"What did you dream about?" His small pitchy voice chimed, tilting his head to the side, a smile forming on his face. He had a british accent, unlike my rare american one.

"London," I answered and felt a small smile on my face.

"Are you excited?!" This was the first time he was going to see the city. I’ve been plently of times, between modeling and school related trips. I shook my head.

"I’ve seen the city plenty of times," My reply came out as a sigh. Most people save up their whole lives to go to the breathtaking city of London. All I have to do is drive for 3 and a half hours. 

"It just seems like one of those cities that would get you excited whenever you go," He was thinking outloud. He didn’t really point the comment to me so I didn’t answer.

My brother never knew about the reocurring dream. I told my mother once when I was little and she simply replied with ‘aww thats sweet’, and then went back to doing whatever it was she was doing. My mom was one of those mothers that had no care other then her children to be perfect.

"Mia.. you need to find someone to love here," My mom’s worried voice broke the silence in the car as we pulled into a farmiliar hotel.

"What..?" I almost choked on the water I was drinking. We got out of the car and I looked around, replaying the dream in my head.. at nightime in my mind it would be happening right infront of me.

"Mia, you are a model. If you want to get any kind of major fame you need a love life, it will get people more intrested in you," Her voice was sarcastic as if I should’ve known what she meant.

"Whatever mom," I shook my head, smoothing out the blue skirt to my dress and then grabbing my bags out of the car trunk pulling them upstaires to my room.

Didn’t take much time for me to unpack, and help Kasey unpack. Took about an hour and a half…not that bad.

"Hey mom, Im gonna go out for a bit be back later," I shut my door and walked out of the hotel. I walked down the sidewalk to the well known Starbucks down the street. Flashbacks, and memories of my dreams flooding into my head.


"I will love you for a thousand years, Mia," His voice mysterious and deep.. Kissing my lips, getting more and more passionate.

"I’ll love you for a thousand more!" He smiled pulling away.


I never get to see his face! Dreams that revolve around Mr.Mysetious ALL THE TIME but I never get to see his face, just hear his voice.  I continued to walk, I stepped into the coffee shop and ordered a skinny mocha. After getting it I sat down on one of the couches with magazines next to it. There was a seventeen so I picked it up and flipped through the pages.

"Is this seat taken?" I was interupted about 30 minutes later. I looked up to see a tall, fit guy. Long, brown curly hair that fell around his face, bright green eyes. He looked familiar, his voice sounded familiar too.

"Oh, no its not," I spoke quickly, moving over quickly so there would be more room. He took the seat directly next to me.

"Are you american?"  His british accent thick in his deep tone.

"No, I’m british, but when I was born I was raised by my dad who had an american accent, my mom had the british," I informed him, placeing the magazine back on the rack.

"Interesting.. you look like an interesting type of girl," He tilted his head, resting his chin on his hand, looking straight into my eyes.

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21 Question Tag :)

Should I do these???? :)
1.) Do you have any special talents?
2.) Where are you from?
3.) What is the current temperture outside?
4.) Do you have any pets?
5.) What is your school schedule?
6.)What did you do yesterday?
7.) What are your life plans/goals. Explain?
8.) What was the last thing you posted on Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; and What was your last text?
9.) What is your bestfriend’s name?
10.) What are your fears?
11.) If you could pick anyother name for yourself, what would it be?
12.) What perfume are you wearing right now?
13.) As a kid what was your favorite thing to do?
14.) What celebrity do people compare you to?
15.) What was the last song you listend to?
16.)WHat jewlery are you wearing right now?
17.) What type of camera are you using?
18.) When was the last time you got your nails done?
19.)What is on your computer right now?
20.) What was the last movie you saw in theatres? Can you give us a mini review on it?
21.) Which do you like better Tea or Coffee?

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